Radical Mastectomy

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For this case review, identify a patient who is undergoing major general surgery (either an open or minimally invasive procedure). Maintain patient confidentiality by assigning a pseudonym and abide by your organisational policy on using patient information. In the introduction, clearly describe the purpose of your paper, and how the paper is to be presented and organised. In the body of the essay, briefly describe the patient’s history to establish the indication/s for surgery. The paper should then continue with an analysis of the patient’s surgical journey from admission to the operating suite (pre-operative phase), the surgery (intraoperative phase) until discharge from PACU (postoperative phase). Analyse the key patient safety and communication and teamwork issues, actual or potential, that arose during the patient’s surgical journey. Support your analysis with current best practice/evidence and published literature. Include a discussion of possible complications in each phase of care.
1. Analyse and apply principles of ethics and law to the perioperative environment.
2. Interpret and apply theories of asepsis, human factors and patient safety related to the perioperative environment.
3. Apply concepts of anatomy and pathophysiology to patient management during preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative phases of general and endoscopic surgery

1. Selects a patient with the required condition (GENERAL SURGERY, MAJOR PROCEDURE) and presents work that demonstrates a high degree of understanding of the subject

2. Demonstrates in-depth analysis of key patient safety issues related to the case and the pre, intra and postoperative nursing care for the patient throughout the paper

3. Supports the discussion using references to evidencebased literature/standards/best practice/ guidelines and makes clear links between theory and practice

4. Writes clearly and fluently in an appropriate academic style.

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