You will be attending an upcoming psychological conference on psychology and mass media. While packing for the conference, you are struck by a particular advertisement you see on television. You have seen this same product advertised in magazines, on the radio, on billboards, and on the Internet. This commercial has you thinking more about the interplay between psychology and mass media. You decide to analyze the advertising campaign and use it as an example during the conference.

Using a psychosocial perspective and media research, you will analyze a product campaign to fully demonstrate your understanding of the effects and impacts of propaganda, social influence, persuasion, and attitude changes on society. You will also examine how your own behaviors are influenced by popular media and mass communication.

Select a company that is currently promoting one of its products and has an extensive advertising campaign running at this time.

Discuss your understanding of the media effects of the campaign, and include information on the following:

Micro-level effects: How does the campaign affect individuals?
Macro-level effects: How does the campaign affect groups or communities?
Identify a minimum of 2 research articles on related media effects that have been studied in the past as they relate to individuals, groups, and your product or similar products.
Include any media research and available data that are specifically related to your product and the advertising campaign.
Use the following resources to help you complete this assignment:

Science of Persuasion
Media Effects
Managing Theories, Effects, and Mechanisms for Narratives in a Media Text
Media Effects Research