A summary of the article (.5 pages; 20 points): Your response should include a short summation of what the article was about. (This should be no more than a paragraph. This assignment is an analysis, not a summary!)

Your reason for choosing the article (1 page; 30 points): What drew you to this article? What did you find most interesting about it? What is something you learned from it? How does it connect to the material you’re studying this semester?

Relevance to the field of psychology (1.5 pages; 50 points): Why is this article important to the field of psychology? What are the implications? What populations does this information affect? What are the limitations of the research? What could the psychological community gain from learning the information in this article? (These are only examples of what can be discussed in this section! Really make it clear why people should care about this topic!)

You may choose a topic using one of the below websites.

Psychology Today (only reviewed articles)
Scientific American (Mind)
American Psychological Association
National Institute of Mental Health
The article you’ll be reviewing must come from an academic journal or a reliable contemporary source that links back to a study or journal article you can access. (Please do your best to find an article from the last 5 years.)

A copy of the article must be linked to your response.