Protein Function and Gases

Topic: Protein function and gases
Part 1: Original post is due by Friday, Week 2 (11:59 pm PST)

This week you learned about the importance of three-dimensional structure (conformation) and protein function and about the role of enzymes for many cellular process, ranging from metabolism to regulation.
This week you further learned that the 3D structure of proteins and enzymes can be modified and altered by many chemicals, both, endogenous or through external exposure.

This week I want you to do some research (using NCBI PubMed) and look for recent scientific articles showing the impact of gases (e.g. nitric oxide, superoxide anion radicals, carbon monoxide or hydrogen sulfide) on proteins or enzymes critical for normal cell functioning.

Select ONE article of your interest and start a discussion with your class mates. Make that you name your selected article in a reference section of your initial posting.

As you work on this assignment address and discuss with your class mates the following:

Which gaseous chemical has been studied?
Which effect(s) of your selected gaseous chemical where reported in your selected scientific publication?
What is/are the known biological target(s), i.e., enzymes, proteins, of the gas?
What is/are the known effect(s) of the gas on the target enzyme or protein?
Which enzymes is/are known to produce this gas?
Be sure to include the reference of your selected article at the end of your initial posting to receive full credit. These posts need to be a couple of paragraphs and should not exceed a page (minimum of 250 words required for full credit of original post). You must write at least 250 words to one page and include details in your original discussion post.