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Write a paper of 1,000 words minimum (your assessor can ask you to increase the number of words to be written depending on the qualification level) explaining why Indigenous people in Australia are still disadvantaged with regard to health/ community services. In the paper, consider a number of cultural issues that impact on acceptance of health and community services—in terms of both historical and contemporary issues in the context of the work you do, or will do.

Then develop, record and explain the strategies that you would follow to engage indigenous communities, elders and individuals in the development and evaluating of service provision. Explain the consultation and negotiation procedures that you would enter into to identify cultural safety requirement and to develop appropriate strategies.

Make a list of the resources that might be required in order to address these issues and explain how the resources you have listed would best be appropriated.

Why is it necessary to ensure greater accountability on the part of funding bodies, government agencies and health/ community providers?

Explain also how:

awareness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history and cultures can be incorporated into work practices
awareness of how your own cultural realities might impact on your work practices
workers can develop effective and respectful communication, consultation and negotiation procedures with members of diverse Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
people can reflect cultural safety in workplace and professional relationships
working in partnership with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities
service providers can take cultural issues (including the focus on self-determination) into consideration and increase participation in services
Indigenous people can be encouraged to participate in evaluating services and negotiating their needs regarding desired outcomes
Answers must be comprehensive, detailed, demonstrate appropriate research and be supported by suitable references.

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