Project Paper

This is a two part project the first is paper that will address the following:
 What was the funding procedure for the facility?
 How was the facility approved?
 What types of amenities are provided at this facility?
 How does it compare with other similar facilities?
 What makes this facility unique or innovative?

 What hurdles did the city and/or franchise have to overcome to build the facility?
 What was the cost for the facility?
 What are the major sponsorship agreements they have in place?
 What major events take place in the facility (e.g., sports, concerts, etc.)?
 Identify a minimum of two facility issues that occurred recently (2005 to present) and discuss the impact of each issue on the
facility, the events, and the industry as a whole. Examples include improper maintenance of a facility, facility failure,
inadequate security, poor risk management, spectator riots, and/or overcrowding.
 Appendices may include:
o Detailed and/or to scale floor plans of the inside and outside of the facility
o Model(s) of the facility
o Drawings/pictures of the interior and exterior
o Itemized budget of construction, equipment, and operating costs
o Listing of sponsorship plans and their

The Sport Facility Project Report should be 10–15 pages, double-spaced, use 12-point Times New Roman font and one-inch margins, and contain citations in APA format. For background information on the facility, you should have no less than ten (10) references 6 must be scholorly references. These can include journals, sport management texts, newspaper articles, the team’s official website, etc. use google scholar

the next part is a power point to match the paper 10 slides I have included what it should look like but to match SOFI stadium