Project Paper

DO NOT USE AI TO HELP WITH SENTENCE FORMATION: Topic is on the NFL team Green Bay Packers : Your sport organization wants to build a new stadium downtown, but some constituents would prefer a renovation. The current stadium is not downtown. Must include 6-10 references at least 4-5 scholarly references

This is a two part assignment the first is an Executive Summary In the executive summary, you will introduce your proposed project and its financial impacts to management by analyzing the company’s financial statements and forecasting the impact on the organization. In your presentation, you will use that data, along with economic theory, to support how your recommendation will impact the community. The executive summary should focus on presenting this information to management, whereas the presentation should focus on presenting to stakeholders within the larger community. In addition, you will submit the spreadsheet that you used to estimate the financial impact, and you will incorporate that information throughout your executive summary and presentation. I HAVE INCLUDED THE SPREADSHEET IT IS DONE

Your Executive Summary will analyze financial statements of your chosen sport organization and create a plan for managing that debt. Based on your analysis and estimate of how the project will impact the community, you will communicate the financial impacts to community stakeholders in a presentation format. Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed: I. Executive Summary A. State the proposed project that the organization should undertake, and briefly explain the intended outcome. B. Identify the sport organization’s most significant revenue generators and significant, regular expenses supported by data from the most recent balance sheet. C. Determine the sport organization’s financial health based on what you discovered above, and support your response with information from the most recent balance sheet. D. Estimate the costs that the sport organization will need to cover as a result of the proposed project, and explain how the estimate was reached. E. Identify potential sources of revenue that the project will bring to the organization to fund the project, supported by specific examples. F. Discuss economic impacts across departments for the additional costs incurred as a result of the proposed project. G. Propose a strategic budgeting plan that effectively communicates how to manage additional costs incurred within the organization as a result of the project.


I. Presentation: Sport Organization Overview: In this section, you will introduce your sport organization and briefly describe your proposed project and its financial impact. A. Introduce the sport organization that you selected and its position in the industry by citing details, including: 1. Category: Is the organization professional or intercollegiate? 2. Area Demographics: What is the geographic location and area population? Be sure to support your response with data. 3. Industry Standing: How well-recognized is the sport organization, and how is it positioned financially within the industry? (Consider the size of the fanbase, ticket sales, merchandise sales, etc.) III. Presentation: Forecasting Costs and Revenue: In this section, you will show the forecasted impacts of the change you are recommending using examples from the spreadsheet that you created based on the organization’s most recent financial statement. Attach the spreadsheet that you created when you submit the assignment, and use that information to support your claims.

A. Create a table that shows the estimate of total revenue for the upcoming year and uses data from your proposed income statement spreadsheet. (Hint: Break it down by month or quarter.) IV. Presentation: Rationale: In this section, you will use the information from your spreadsheet and economic theory to explain how your proposed project will impact the organization financially. A. Explain the economic impact that this proposed change will have on the organization’s revenue, and provide rationale. B. Explain the economic theories or models you used and how they apply to your proposed project. V. Presentation: Communicating to Stakeholders A. Discuss the profile of the impacted community, communicating to stakeholders how the proposed project will impact the community. B. Illustrate specific ways in which the intended results of the proposed plan could impact the surrounding businesses. Consider the following: 1. University Impact: If the change is at the university level, how could this impact the university in terms of enrollment, and how will that impact the surrounding community? 2. Business Partnerships: Consider impacts on and potential partnerships with surrounding businesses. C. Explain to stakeholders how the proposed change will potentially impact city, county, or state taxes as applicable in the given economic environment. D. Discuss ethical considerations that the proposed plan could present economically, and how you would address those issues