Project Management

1. Explain the roles and responsibilities of Enterprise Project Manager?

2. You have two projects from which to choose:

– Project A with a payback period of 10 months

– Project B with a payback period of 20 months. Which one would you prefer and explain why?

3. You have two projects to choose from:

Project A with an NPV of $105,000 or Project B with an NPV of $35,000. What is the opportunity cost?

Imagine that you are the project manager for a project. While reviewing the cost estimates for the project you notice that one of the cost estimates for an element in the WBS is 20% higher than previous project for very similar work. What should you do next?

Together with your team, you applied three-point estimation on a Critical path which consists of two activities. The following duration uncertainties are all calculated assuming a ±3 sigma Confidence interval. The duration uncertainty—defined as pessimistic minus optimistic estimate—of the first activity is 18 days; the second estimate has an uncertainty of 24 days. Applying the PERT formula for paths, what is the duration uncertainty of the entire path?
Your project exceeded costs in the past caused by an underestimation of resource costs in the cost baseline: PV: $1,200,000, EV: $1,000,000, AC: $1,200,000 You expect the underestimation to influence the future as much as it did in the past. If the BTC (Budget to complete) is at $1,000,000, what should be your new EAC (Estimate at Completion)?