Professional Development Plan

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In completing this assignment, please use tables and some graphic organizers.

Using the following sources (district goals, school improvement plans, teacher needs, assessment

surveys, student

outcomes/achievement data, and teacher performance evaluation results) identify potential areas for


development focus in your school district. Create a sample professional development plan to be

included on the

website that addresses the following questions (5 pages max):

o How will the plan support one or more district goals?

o How can you distribute leadership and accountability for the plan’s success?

o Develop a budget for the professional development and identify a source of funding.

o What settings, learning formats, coaching and mentoring opportunities are available and stable to


the plan?

o What steps can be taken to encourage staff to develop greater commitment to the plan?

o Do the target participants have the background knowledge and skills necessary to build on

throughout this


How will the plan be evaluated?

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