Product Advertisement

Choose an advertisement of any type and deconstruct it. What is the product and how does the
advertiser make it appealing to their target audience. Finally, determine whether or not the ad is
effective and why. Make note of how products are presented in the ad: is the ad about only the
product’s specifications or is it selling a lifestyle?
You must include a link to the ad with references use an American ad

The analysis should be written in paragraph format, double-spaced, and in Times New
Roman 12 point font. It must be at least
two pages in length. Do not use personal pronouns such as “I” and “me.”

should be structured as follows:
– Introductory paragraph (giving the brand or company of the ad, its product, a general
summary of it and the main message of the ad that you will later elaborate on within t)
– Body paragraphs (each paragraph deals with a different aspect of the ad, such as separate
paragraphs for each key point, etc.)
– A strong conclusion paragraph (reiterate the message of the ad, the key points, and
whether or not they are effective using interpretive skill)

An A\ addresses all of the concepts listed — describing
the ad, the key points, and any messages that can be gleaned. There is also evident interpretive
work, with discussion of symbolism and marketing in the ad. (Ex. Coca Cola emphasizes rhe
nostalgia associated with its products and associates drinking Coca Cola with having fun and
enjoying life.) \ is well organized, with proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. It
meets all of the formatting and page requirements.