Problem-Oriented Policing

This project will center on problem-oriented policing commonly referred to as POP projects. You are to access the website and select a topic area from the following:

Alcohol and Drug Problems
Disorder & Nuisance Problems
Traffic Problems
Violence Problems
Burglary & Theft
Once you select your topic area and click on the link you will see a variety of specific topics that offer pdf guides. For example, if you choose disorder & nuisance problems you will see a sub-list of topics and one under the section is Chronic Public Inebriation. You can select the topic and it will bring you to a page that allows you to download a pdf of a guide. These guides are completed from research of this problem and will offer the assessment of the problem and specific responses to the problem. It will also discuss the effectiveness of the specific problems.

You are to download and review your selected topic and then based on the review complete a power point presentation that will discuss the program. In the power point you should include:

A discussion of the problem
The stakeholders involved in identifying and implementing the specific responses
The resources required and any known costs of those resources for implementation
The specific responses utilized
The effectiveness outlined and measured either through qualitative or quantitative measures or both.
Suggestions you have toward addressing the problem that were not covered.