Policy Making

We have studied many developments, policies, and movements over the past six weeks. The local high school has reached out to you and asked you to visit the 12th-grade Sociology class and give them a single-session lecture about social justice. Go back and review what you have studied and create the PowerPoint slides you would use for the lecture, encapsulating the high-level concepts we have studied. Include what you would discuss on each slide in the notes section. You may record the presentation as you would deliver it if you would like, but this is not a requirement of the assignment.

Possible things to include:

types of oppression
listing of issues
movements that drove policy change
timeline that identifies the creation of policies.
Remember that your audience is high school students. Consider your goal for them. Are you just disseminating information, or do you want to motivate them to take action on something now or in the future? In the end, what do you want them to know and do?

Contribute a minimum of 10 slides. (Slides are free. Use as many as you need!) It should include at least four (4) academic sources, formatted and cited in APA