For week 11, please select two of the three prompts below and provide a main post. Try to respond to a classmate that has chosen one of the three topics that you have not chosen.

Describe in your own words what Restorative Justice is and the three principles behind it. How can Community Policing utilize Restorative Justice to help with reduction of crime?

You are the commander of a community police unit with 6 officers assigned to it. The area that you cover has is a high crime area with high calls for service. The Chief wants you to develop a program utilizing Restorative Policing to address the high rate of criminal mischief being done by juveniles. How would you set up this program and what outcomes would you want to see?
Technology is advancing police work and will continue to grow within law enforcement in the future. The use of body cameras has helped to provide more transparency. However, with the advancement of technology, there is also a concern for privacy. Discuss the pros and cons of law enforcement utilizing drones and camera systems to conduct enforcement and investigations? Would there be concerns that the use of this technology might have a negative impact on those that have a distrust of the police already? Does it negate the gains made by community policing?