Phsychology Personal Theories

Use the link below to complete a Locus of Control Scale questionnaire.

[Note: This is not the original Internal-External Control Scale described in your textbook but is based on Rotter’s locus of control concept.]
After completing the questionnaire, post your main discussion in a minimum of 200 words and include the following:

1) In the first paragraph, summarize Rotter’s locus of control concept in your own words. This should be based upon information in your textbook and not the questionnaire website or any other source.
2) Based upon your reading and understanding of internal and external locus of control, do you think the results derived from your responses to the questionnaire are an accurate assessment of where you fall on the continuum?

Why or Why not?

Provide evidence with examples of your own thoughts and behaviors (include a real life story about a specific situation in which you have exhibited internal or external locus of control).
Discuss how how your locus of control influenced your behavior in the situation.
What if your locus of control had been the opposite of what you described, how might your behavior have been different?