Study questions require: (1) A length of at least 750 words, excluding the prompts (2) Three citations of assigned or suggested materials via parenthetical citations (3) A reference page (“Works Cited” page) providing information about works cited. APA format must be used for citations and references (4) No citations of, or references to, outside sources and Power Points (for this assignment, you can cite PowerPoints on Part A) (5) A brief, one-page outline of your answers. The outline should be submitted before the study questions answers. .


A. (30 points) According to Confucius, what unites society and groups of individuals? Is Confucius right about the centrality of ritual for human life? Do you think rituals could help contemporary US society resolve its political disagreements, especially if Vallier’s approach to disagreement is included with a revival of US ritual interaction?

B. (35 points) What do you think passing the Turing Test signifies? Does passing the Test signify a machine is conscious?

C. (35 points) It is the year 2050, and scientists have created the first Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI). What would be a significant positive and negative result from this incredible achievement? Will more advanced AI, like the ASI, be a threat, a blessing, or a mixture of good and bad for humanity?