Ed Beatty is a 52-year-old client with a history of chronic renal insufficiency who presents to the medical clinic reporting a severe sore throat. He is diagnosed with a streptococcal pharyngitis. He is informed by the primary care provider that he will be treated with an IM injection of penicillin G. (Learning Objectives 2, 3, and 9)

1. What information should be collected from Mr. Beatty before the administration of the penicillin G?

2. Mr. Beatty asks why he cannot receive the medication in oral form. How should the nurse respond?

3. Describe the equipment that the nurse should have available before administering the medication to Mr. Beatty. Why is this necessary?

4. After receiving the penicillin G, Mr. Beatty experiences cardiac arrest. He is successfully resuscitated. Discuss the potential causes of the cardiac arrest.

5. Mr. Beatty has recovered from the arrest and the nurse is preparing his discharge teaching. What information related to the penicillin G should the nurse include?


Your discussion post should be at least 140 words and include at least one 100-word response to a classmate. Follow APA guidelines for references. At least one