Personal Readiness Coach

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Read Relational Flow: A Theoretical Model for the Intuitive Dance by some of the same authors as the primary textbook. Pay special attention to the definitions and explanations of the four concepts related to what the authors call the “intuitive dance”: reflective practitioner, readiness to change, emotional intelligence, and relational competence.


Coaching, as a relationship that depends on the dialogue between two individuals to facilitate change and self-efficacy, demands that the coach possess special characteristics.

After you read the article above, prepare a self-reflection paper that addresses the following:

1-Define and discuss in your own words what is meant by the generative moment in coaching.

2-Evaluate your own readiness to participate in the coaching relationship as described in the text and readings. Then, identify the skills, strengths, and readiness you may have and which ones you feel you must develop.

3-Select a goal based upon one area of personal growth that you would like to address. Then, prepare a brief, 1-2 -page goal-oriented plan that would assist you in improving in this area.

Support your reflection paper by at least three scholarly resources

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