Organization Analysis and Audience Analysis

Module 04 Content
Creating a training or development event for employees does not begin with a PowerPoint or manual. Rather, it begins with analysis and assessment of the people, the organization, the desired outcome, and consideration of the most effective methods to achieve the desired outcome.

For this assignment you will review the organization and audience analysis below. You will apply this analysis to complete a training overview. Be sure to address all of the bulleted items outlined in the training overview.

Organization Analysis and Audience Analysis
Organization Analysis:
Parker and Parker, LLC is an HR outsourcing organization specializing in helping healthcare organizations with their HR functions. The organization employs 42 human resource professionals and four assistant directors across eight states.
Mission Statement: We provide stress-free HR support and solutions.
Audience Analysis:
The target audience of this training comprises of the 16 entry-level college graduate employees. Because Parker and Parker, LLC is an international organization, employees are disbursed throughout eight states and two areas of Prague most communication is written, and computer mediated. Miscommunications have occurred because of different levels of fluency in English and Czech as well as cultural differences that impact communication preferences. A few clients have expressed concern about the quality of Parker and Parker’s work overall if employees cannot communicate effectively in both languages. Teams within the organization have also struggled to meet deadlines due to miscommunications and conflicts.
The largest challenge facing Parker and Parker is the remote global nature of the workforce. Employees will have to train online when and where it is convenient to them. Another challenge is the lack of interest in language learning as indicated in an employee survey conducted 6 months ago. Most employees in the US were resistant to learning Czech.
The target audience will benefit from this training as effective communication prevents misunderstandings, increases client satisfaction, and protects the organization legally.
Complete a Training Overview
Prepare a Training Overview based on the information above. Be sure to include:
a brief yet informative description of the training.
an explanation of the learning theory that serves as a framework for the training (Knowles’ Principles of Andragogy, Transformational Learning, Experiential Learning).
Demonstrate an understanding of cultural differences and the importance of respect and inclusion.
a list of three to five objectives written in the “to + verb” format. Note: Be sure to address the global cultural differences challenging the organization’s effective teamwork in this list of objectives.
Examples: By the end of the training, participants will be able
To write a three-paragraph memo with…
To recognize and correct…
a statement of the desired outcome for the organization.
To decrease waste by 10-15% by end of Q3.
To decrease chemical burns in the Southeast plants by 50% within 3 months of implementation.
To create at least three cross functional remote teams in Q1 using technology to facilitate communication and collaboration.