1) A patient with a history of COPD and seizures is admitted to the hospital for COPD exacerbation. His home medications were ordered as well as initiation of oral steroids and inhaled bronchodilators for the COPD exacerbation.
2)After three days in the hospital the patient complains of pain in his left leg. Ultrasound confirmed a DVT.
3)Standard of practice indicates prophylaxis for DVT would have been appropriate in this setting.
4)Discuss the role of the nurse that might have prevented this complication.
5)While receiving treatment for the DVT, the patient experiences a seizure.
6)One of the seizure medications had not been given because it was not on the unit at the usual medication time. This was noted in the MAR.
7)Discuss system issues or failures that contributed to the patient experiencing a seizure.
Identify appropriate education that might improve patient outcomes in the future.