Create a negotiation planning guide for an organization to implement. In your planning guide, you will explain the ten-step planning process.

1. Defining the negotiating goal.

2. Defining the major issues related to achieving the goal.

3. Assembling the issues, ranking their importance, and defining the bargaining mix.

4. Defining the interests.

5. Knowing your alternatives (BATNAs).

6. Knowing your limits, including a resistance point.

7. Analyzing and understanding the other party’s goals, issues, and resistance points.

8. Setting one’s own targets and opening bids.

9. Assessing the social context of negotiation

10. Presenting the issues to the other party: substance and process.

Include the following:

An introduction explaining the importance of planning goals and strategies during the negotiation process and a description of the difference between goals and strategies.
A planning guide that includes an explanation of each step in the planning, as well as a real-world example of how the step is applied. This example can be something you have witnessed, researched, or an original idea and should assist the organization in understanding how to implement this plan.
800 words