Multitasking (Argumentive paper) Sociology

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The purpose of this assignment is to produce an Argumentative Essay on your chosen topic, using the knowledge you have gained in completing the previous assignments and any additional sources of information.


Your Argumentative Essay should be in the form of a Word document. Your document should be double-spaced, have a one-inch margin on all sides, and be done in a 12-point font.


Your Argumentative Essay, which should run about 1,250-1,500 words, should include:

  • An appropriate title.
  • An introduction in which you:
    • Orient your readers to your topic,
    • State your position, and
    • Preview the rest of your paper.
  • A body in which you:
    • Provide support for your position in three to five paragraphs,
    • Acknowledge potential opposition to your argument, and
    • Rebut this opposition.
  • A conclusion in which you:
    • Briefly summarize your argument, and
    • Suggest what you think needs to be done to improve the current situation.
  • A list of sources of information you have used in your paper.

Suggestions for Drafting Your Interview Report

  • Reread the papers you have written for the Sequenced Writing Project, review any additional information you have collected, and seek out new information on your topic as needed.
  • Decide on a position statement that you would like to argue for.
  • Decide on what information you will use to support your argument.
  • Consider potential opposition to your argument.
  • Give yourself at least two to three uninterrupted hours to develop your draft.
  • Draft the body of your report, considering the order of presentation of material and citing your sources of information in APA style.
  • Draft your introduction.
  • Draft your conclusion.
  • Link the parts of your paper.
  • Give your draft a title.
  • Assemble a list of reference in accordance with APA guidelines.

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