Demonstrate an awareness of individual thought processes and learning.

Student Success Criteria
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It is that time of the year when your annual performance review is due. As part of your management role for the organization, Human Resources has asked you to include a leadership checklist and self-reflection. Consider where you are today as a leader, and where you want to be in the future. Reflect on how this awareness allows you to:
Think critically
Manage emotions
Make decisions
Communicate effectively
Step 1:
To start your self-reflection for your annual review you will need to create a leadership checklist. Address the following:
Develop criteria for evaluating where you are now and where you want to be in five years, with respect to leadership.
Determine what you need to develop within yourself to be an effective leader.
Define criteria for evaluating how you make decisions. How do those decisions affect others?
Describe criteria that evaluate self-awareness. For instance, what cues could you develop that provide an alert of self-awareness that your behavior is negatively impacting yourself or someone else? What is that behavior? What is the impact if not self-corrected in the moment?
Step 2:
Next you will need to write a summary on how self-reflection is key to effective leadership.