Marketing Plan


1) What are the appropriate roles for the Department of Defense intelligence capabilities in supporting homeland security enterprise? 2) Clarify if you believe there is a legal issue for DoD engagement. 3) Do you think providing effective intelligence support to the homeland security enterprise is a threat to civil liberties and the privacy of American citizens? 4) Lastly, explain your rationale on why or why not domestic intelligence collection is a threat to individual freedoms.


Utilize a graphic organizer or chart of your own in this week’s discussion to compare and contrast “Felt Needs,” Ascribed Needs,” and “Future Needs”. (see this week’s Lesson) You can be creative in the selection of your diagram or chart. Post your diagram and also identify which one of the “Needs” you feel is most important and why. Remember, you must select one (you can’t say they’re all important) and use an example to clarify your position.


With any intimate relationship comes conflict. What matters most in a relationship is how conflict is resolved. Do some research on conflict resolution. What additional information can you provide that would help to promote conflict resolution.



Research marketing plans and controls for success. Review information on your final paper topic and the industry it is in.


· What were the challenges and triumphs you encountered while writing your marketing plan?

· What would the most significant challenges be to put this plan in place?

· What controls did you put into place to ensure the success of your marketing plan?


 Reflect on these business challenges and share what you believe to be the best ethical framework for a business operating in today’s world.

 What is your recommendation for a business to be both ethical and successful?

 How will your recommended framework work in decision making?

 In response to each other, do not hesitate to ask questions. Use your discussion to further develop your thoughts.


What are some issues surrounding the use of the Internet in business and other organizations?


Read the various perspectives on going to war in Iraq.

President Bush

David Koehler

Compare and contrast former President Bush’s claim that Iraq was a threat to world peace with David Koehler’s position on the issue. Which claims are valid? Which are based on fallacious reasoning (note instances)? Who has the stronger argument? Why?


Now that it’s the last week of the course, stop by this discussion and tell us what your take was on MATH110 and what your future educational plans are.