*Students should leverage content from the course readings and videos this week to guide thoughts for this assignment”You are a marketing consultant hired by a restaurant to develop a proposal to them on a unique gamification concept for them to consider implementing. Your job is to create a brief power point that proposing the strategy, but also educates them on the core benefits of gamification technology. As this restaurant business audience is new to gamification, you are also to guide them on what it is and its benefits.They ask for you to build a short power point presentation that will outline the key topics for the event. Your job is to build out a power point covering the following topics:

What is gamification?
What are the benefits/advantages for the company to consider gamification IN THE RESTAURANT INDUSTRY
Provide a brief explanation on how gamification programs are marketed.
What type of challenges should the company consider on blockchain gamification?
What is one unique idea you can propose for a gamification strategy for this restaurant
Provide a wrap up summary of all key topics
This power point presentation should be approximately 7-8 slides in length, to include title slide. An appendix should also be included. For this you may pick any favorite nationwide chain fast food or casual restaurant of your choice for this example assignment.The power point can be in any format and style. However it needs to have a professional tone and mirror what an executive audience would expect. Spelling, grammar and formatting will be evaluated.