Lesson Plan in incorporating INTERNET in Education

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Access IHI Comparing Lean and Quality Improvement white paper on the IHI website by:


Click the Comparing Lean and Quality Improvement PDF link under Documents located below the publication’s synopsis.

Follow instructions on how to register with the site. Registration is free.

After you have successfully registered, download the pdf of the publication.

Read IHI Comparing Lean and Quality Improvement.

Write a 500- to 750-word APA-formatted paper in which you:
Compare the PDCA model as a quality improvement model with another quality improvement model that could be used to address your proposed change project.
Choose one model to incorporate in your change project.
Develop a plan of action to change and improve the organization.
Focus on the implementation strategies needed for the change to be successful.
Recommend sustainability tactics to ensure the change is permanent and is accepted as a new way of doing business.

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