Leadership Styles

The water cooler has become a symbol in business life. Like any common gathering place in an office slightly removed from the cubicles and desks, the water cooler is a place to share information, both casual and vital, and to build networks with colleagues with whom you do not necessarily interact on a daily basis. The water cooler discussion activity this week will help you get into the practice of looking beyond your metaphorical cubicle to seek out topical news stories and ideas and analyze them with your Instructor and colleagues. Familiarity with current trends, topics, and events is an important element of your participation and success in the business world and in your MBA program.

Select an article from the library that resonates with you. You need to access the full text of the article, and it should be more than 2 pages in length. Do not worry if the article you select has a complicated research design (i.e., describes complex quantitative research techniques), as usually the introduction and summary conclusion pages have interesting concepts and findings to discuss.

Post your analysis of your selected library article as follows:

Provide the author(s) and title of the article on leadership style(s) that you found interesting. Include the article as an attachment to your post (either as a PDF or Word document, as previously indicated).
In your own words, provide a brief analysis of what the article says about leadership style(s) in business, including an explanation of why you chose the article, and what you learned from it, relative to what you have studied throughout the course to date.
Refer to the Week 3 Discussion Rubric for specific grading elements and criteria. Your Instructor will use this grading rubric to assess your work.

Read some of your colleagues’ posting