Leadership Quality Improvement Project

Leadership Quality Improvement Project (30% of Final Grade) 1

Nursing Leadership Quality Improvement Project Paper

Nursing Leadership Quality Improvement Project Paper Assignment Description: Each

student will produce a plan for implementing a change project in nursing departments throughout

the organization. The student will begin by selecting one area for improvement of (e.g. quality

and safety, cost effectiveness, core measures, documentation, billing, patient satisfaction) within

his, or her healthcare organization and propose a change to solve the problem. Students will then

select one of the change theories from the assigned text readings and scholarly literature that

models and appropriately will guide the implementation of the proposed change. Note: Students

will develop the nursing leadership quality improvement project using APA 7th edition. The

paper is expected to be 6 pages not including title page or reference page. A minimum of 5

scholarly sources outside of course readings and textbook. This assignment must be submitted

using the SafeAssign and meet the criteria that all submitted work must fall below a 10%

similarity index (excluding all headings and references).

Assignment Overview: Students will develop an APA 7th edition paper for this

assignment by producing a quality improvement project paper containing a plan for

implementing a change within a nursing department of a health care organization. Students must

select an issue within his, or her nursing department in need of quality improvement. Student

will need to propose a change to solve the issue. Students will also select one of the change

theory models from the course readings and materials to guide the paper on how to implement

the proposed change.

To assist with the development of the nursing leadership quality improvement project

paper students must complete the following:

Leadership Quality Improvement Project (30% of Final Grade) 2

• Select and utilize a change theory model to implement the proposed change

• Analyze the leadership roles and management skills necessary to implement the change

• Present and defend your decision-making process;

• Demonstrate the elements of the change process.

Assignment Outline and Criteria

Introduction (header) (the introduction is meant to provide an overview of what will be further

described and analyzed throughout the paper).

Briefly outline the:

• Problem Statement: Provide a clear statement but brief description of the scenario


• Change Theory Model: Briefly identify which change theory model will be applied in the


• Proposed Change & Rationale: Briefly describe the proposed change and rationale for

this change


• Define the opportunity or problem (how the issue currently exists), the purpose of the

change. Provide the context for the need for this QI project. This provides a more detailed

and in-depth look at the background and significance of the identified scenario/problem.

• Describe the necessary data to be collected and analyzed to support the (analyze course-

based literature, findings, scholarly literature and facility specific data that supports


Leadership Quality Improvement Project (30% of Final Grade) 3

• Assessment methods (how will the student go about gathering the necessary data required

to support the need for the QI project and identify what needs to be measured to

demonstrate success (interviews with stakeholders, review of the literature, etc where is

the supporting evidence for this proposed problem/issue in practice coming from?).

• Change theory model: identify and describe in detail the change theory model being used

(support with evidence and scholarly sources). This is where the change theory model is

introduced to the ready, perhaps other applications of the theory and/or ways it has been

used in practice.

• Describe the proposed change and rationale. (outline the proposed QI change intended to

be made within the unit or facility (this needs to be detailed and supported with evidence.

o Describe the proposed plan, change or remedy and the overall goal.

o Identify and set specific measurable goals or objectives (at least two) Be specific

as possible (which stems from the provided data justifying the change)

• Describe people or organizational positions with which collaboration must occur to

ensure success of the QI project (provide rationale for involvement)

Action Plan (Critical Paper Component): Supporting rationale for implementing the proposed

change for the nursing leadership quality improvement project paper will include:

• Steps and processes: Develop specific activities to enhance success and to reduce the

restraining forces and increase the driving forces (again this needs to be specific and

NOT general or vague) make sure to include those necessary to assure staff compliance

• Prioritize activities and give a time frame for implementation. Again, be specific

o Identify the person or persons responsible for carrying out the activities

Leadership Quality Improvement Project (30% of Final Grade) 4

o Instructional resources or necessary training that may be needed or required?

• An approach to communicate the plan (how will the change be communicated to the

team members that will be responsible for ensuring the change occurs.

• The change process chosen with an explanation of how and why the change theory

model was selected (detail and support with course readings and other evidence-based

literature how and why this change process was appropriate for the selected problem and

include other variables that may impact the success of this specific change process)

• leadership style utilized and evidence of its effectiveness (explain what leadership style

approach was utilized to ensure the QI project would be successful within the context of

the problem, the environment as well as internal and external influencing factors.

Evaluation: Develop an evaluation plan with at least three outcome criteria (how will project

effectiveness or non-effectiveness be measured); These should be based on the goals/

objectives identified above. Be sure to include the following elements:

• Management functions utilized: (describe your role as the nurse leader/manager in the QI

project; what is your role in ensuring the QI project is successful such as employee

engagement and motivation, measures, resources, training and growth opportunities for

employees for example with student’s chosen QI project)

• Proposed change impacts the healthcare organization’s budget and costs if applicable

• A plan that addresses noncompliance and rejecters to assure compliance

• Specifications regarding the evaluation of the effectiveness post implementation of the

proposed change.

• What methods are used to evaluate the change?

Leadership Quality Improvement Project (30% of Final Grade) 5

• Include and evaluation time frame.


• Highlight any relevant points such as providing a nursing implication conceptually

consistent with the nursing leadership change theory model used in the paper