Invitation Homes rented a house in Chicago, IL to Rebecca for $3,000 per month. Rebecca paid the first six months’ rent (January through June), but then her furnace broke. She called and put in a service request at the end of June. After two more months of paying her rent (July and August), Invitation Homes has still not repaired it. It is now September and the weather is starting to get a bit cooler. She was not concerned at first, but has decided to refuse to pay rent for September in protest.

1. What are the rights and responsibilities of each party?

2. What is the Warranty of Habitability in Illinois or more specifically Chicago? Research state and/or local leasing laws. Is there any law that requires a residential home that is leased to have working heat?

3. Is it permissible for Rebecca to withhold her rent until the furnace is fixed? Why or why not?

4. If this situation occurred in your state, what does the law state on the matter? Research state and/or local leasing laws.