Juvenile Justice System

The analysis should be a minimum of 4 pages. Make sure each question is outlined.

Provide a brief description of one of the landmark US Supreme Court cases listed below..

Provide the historical context in which the case was argued (e.g., what events were taking place in society that led the US Supreme Court to hear this particular case).

Provide the historical evolution of the case, from the time it was argued in court to the present time.

Discuss the impact and implication the case had in the treatment and management of juveniles in the criminal or juvenile justice systems and provide a personal position with respect to the Supreme Court’s ruling.

If you agree with the ruling discuss why there was a need to change the law. If you disagree with the position, explain the negative implications of this ruling on juvenile offenders.

Landmark US Supreme Court Cases:

Kent v. US (1966)

In re Gault (1967)

In re Winship (1970)

McKeiver v. Pennsylvania (1971)

Breed v. Jones (1975)

Stanford v. Kentucky (1988)

Roper v. Simmons (2005)

Graham v. Florida (2010)

J.D.B. v. North Carolina (2011)

Jackson v. Hobbs (2011)

Miller v. Alabama (2012)

Montgomery v. Louisiana (2016)