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Theory teaches us why people might do the things they do and behave the way they behave. In practice, professionals use theory to make sense of people’s behaviors and find ways to treat or improve their lives.

Select one of the following TV Sitcoms clips. As you watch the clip(s), think about how the decisions made, and the behaviors displayed, are influenced by a rational choice theory, labeling theory, or conflict theory.

Fresh off the Boat

· Dine and Dash (Part 1):

· Dine and Dash (Part 2):

Good Times

· Florida Kicks J.J. Out:

Family Ties

· Alex Uses Speed (Part 1):

· Alex Uses Speed (Part 2):

Short Answer Questions

After watching the clips, answer all of the following questions. Each answer should be at least 2 complete sentences in length.

1. Which theory (Rational Choice, Labeling, or Conflict) do you believe had the biggest impact on the youth(s)’ behavior and their choices? Define why you believe this theory made the biggest impact.

2. How do you believe the youth’s behavior would be different today? Why do you think this?

3. Define what social capital is and the ways in which it can be enhanced or lost.

4. How do you believe your chosen youth’s behaviors would have been different if they had strong social capital?