Information Systems

In this module, you learned about the pervasive nature of the IoT and how it has become a major aspect of every day. Using IoT at home is becoming more and more popular, especially through technologies such as Amazon’s Alexa. You may or may not already have IoT in your home, but for the purpose of this activity you will reflect on the smart home of your dreams.

For the purposes of this activity, imagine the smart home of your dreams. What IoT technologies would you like to have in your smart home?

Guidelines for Submission
Create a graphic representation that shows the ways you would incorporate IoT technology into your home and how they would connect with each other, assuming that cost is not a factor.
You can use a visual design tool of your choice (including pen and paper) to represent your dream home.
Provide an explanation of how and why each IoT technology is used.
This explanation could be within your graphic representation or you can choose to write about it.
Your graphic representation and your explanation should be submitted in the same document. You may use any tool you like to create the diagram, including pencil and paper.

We have included a link to a video and some popular tools that can be used to help you create your diagram. These are not required resources, but are available to use if needed