Inadequate pain management in postoperative patients.

TOPIC: Inadequate pain management in postoperative patients.

STEP 1- ATTENTION: PICOT Question USED IN PART 1: In postoperative patients (P), does the implementation of a multimodal pain management approach (I), compared to traditional unimodal pain management (C), result in improved pain control, reduced opioid consumption, and shorter hospital stays (O), within the first 72 hours after surgery (T)? PLEASE THIS PICOT QUESTION NEED BE UPDATED PROFESSOR DID NOT ACCEPT IT BECAUSE THIS ONE NEED IRB APPROVAL, I NEED YOU TO MODIFY THIS PICOT QUESTION ACCORDING TO MY TOPIC, TO ONE THAT NOT NEED IRB APPROVAL. ( VERY IMPORTANT STEP)

1. Review of Literature

– Review and discuss literature: Synthesize at least 10 primary research studies and/or systematic reviews; do not include summary articles. This section is all about the scientific evidence rather than someone else’s opinion of the evidence. Do not use secondary sources; you need to get the article, read it, and make your own decision about quality and applicability to your question even if you did find out about the study in a review of the literature. This is a synthesis rather than a study by study review. Address the similarities, differences, and controversies in the body of evidence.

2. Analyze and apply knowledge directly to your PICOT- The studies that you cite in this section must relate directly to your PICOT question. ( REMEMBER PICOT NEED BE FIXED)

3. Provide precise body of evidence for your Practice Change

4. Discuss objectives for your practice change

5. Discuss where the problem exists, why it exists, what is the preposition for change

6. Apply all that is relevant to the problem. For example: Pros vs Cons, current state of problem

NOTE: It should not reflect your opinion, but rather Evidence Based Practice should be applied

-After completing a literature search on interventions addressing your chosen health problem, write a review that evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of all the sources you have found.

-Use appropriate APA 7th Ed. format along with Syllabus outline

-Scholarly, peer-reviewed, and research articles cited should be within the last five years.

-This section should be 4 pages long (not including the title and reference page).

-Use proper in-text citations with a properly formatted reference list.

-All papers must be written in the 3rd person.