Importance of Sociology

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Write about three concepts that you learned in the sociology course. This is a reflection of the knowledge that you gained and will carry with you through life.
Apply these three concepts to your life.
Tell me what the concept is and describe the concept in your own words.
Relate the concepts back to an event or incident in your life or how you will now view the world when presented with future incidents.
If you do not feel comfortable talking about yourself, you can tell use another person that you know or an event from the news.


Each paragraph should be focused on one concept per chapter.
If you need ideas for concepts, look at the title of each powerpoint slide.
You may repeat concepts from your writing assignments.

Paraphrase into your own words.
You will have a total of three paragraphs. One paragraph per concept.
Each paragraph should be three sentences or longer.
Write in complete sentences.
Do not copy word for word from the textbook or powerpoints.
Cannot use examples from the course as an event. You must come up with your own examples.

You do not need a work cited page or in-text citations.

Double spaced, one full page (min.) – two pages (max.), 12 font

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