Immunization and Infectious Diseases

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It has been decided that a vaccine* against an infection of your choice should be included in the routine child or adolescent immunisation programme in a country of your choice.

1. Describe the issues that would have been considered in deciding whether to introduce this vaccine.
2. What information would be needed to decide the details of the immunisation programme? (this includes number of doses, age(s) vaccine given etc)
3. As the immunisation lead, how would you ensure successful introduction of the vaccine in your local area?
4. Having introduced the vaccine, what systems would you wish to have in place, to monitor this vaccination programme?

Criteria for Marking the Assessment

In assessing the essay we will be looking at the extent to which the student has demonstrated ability to:

1. Answer the question posed.

2. Locate key sources of evidence using published literature, reviews and expert opinion, together with some assessment of quality and gaps in the evidence.

3. Describe the search strategy used.

4. Include references and evidence sources.

5. Present a logical and well written description of:
The information needed to make decisions about including a vaccine, and this one in particular, into routine programmes

the important components required to ensure a successful vaccination programme

how vaccine programmes are monitored and the system requirements for this.

*the vaccine may be already used in another country but has not yet been introduced into your country

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