Human Trafficking


Andrew Tate Indicted on Charges of Human Trafficking in Romania

The article I have chosen was about Andrew Tate, who was a former British-American kickboxer, and an online personality who was accused of sex trafficking and abuse of women. Along with Mr. Tate were his brother and two Romanian women involved. The article went on to explain that Tate and the other three accused were now on house arrest awaiting trial. One of the charges also included rape. Mr. Tate was known to have many young followers with whom he would make misogynistic comments. He was known to say that women belong to men. The brothers are accused of misleading women to think they are in a relationship, they would then keep them in the home outside of Bucharest. They made the women do sex acts online. Prosecutors would like to seize all of the brother’s assets at this time (Kwai,2021).

According to human trafficking and statistics between 208 and 2019, the numbers increased significantly from 30,000 to almost 120,000 (Human Trafficking, 2022). Some health effects of Human trafficking are poor mental health. Some psychological effects are PTSD, depression, and other anxiety issues. Some other things are suicidal ideation and disabling physical pain. Women and girls are the at-risk populations. Trafficking can take place in one’s own country or across international borders (Home, 2023). Dr. Uitts formed the advocacy group known as Human trafficking front. The goal of this group is to advance knowledge and end abuse, exploitation, and trafficking. Collaboration with government, businesses in the community, and civil society organizations (Human Trafficking Front, 2023). Collaboration should be done with community businesses, faith-based organizations, and government. The victims will need things like case management, clothes, crisis intervention, family contact or reunification, identification document, and aggressive prosecution. This is not an all-inclusive list (Building Affective Collaboration with Human Trafficking Advocacy,” 2023). NR 503 helped me to identify with the above material. This leads me to look at the at-risk populations, inter-professional collaboration, advocacy, and determinants of health

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