History of Capital Gains Tax

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You are required to write 2000 words on the history of Capital Gains Tax within the UK tax system. Please ensure that all references are accessible online and should be a minimum of 10, you should follow the Harvard referencing system.

I have outlined a brief plan of what I would like the essay to be structured as, as well as including points in which I would like to be spoken about within the essay. I want you to follow this structure as strictly as possible.

(i) Brief Introduction of Capital gains tax (CGT)

  • Give a definition of what it is
  • The current rate
  • What type of tax is it (direct / indirect)

(ii) Past, Present (21st Century), Future (Description)

  • Who Invented CGT
  • Research ancient civilisations (egypt, china, greece, rome, central america)
  • Why did CGT come into existence? D
  • Changes of CGT rates over time – why did it change, and what effect did the changes have? D
  • Give an opinion what you think is likely to happen to CGT given history and the effect that it may have.
  • When talking about it be sure to bear in mind that it is respective of the UK tax system, and that the history of it (past/present) should mainly be regards to the UK.

(ii) Variations of tax in different countries, How has it evolved and/or developed (Description, Analysis)

  • Which country first introduced CGT? D
  • What is the current CGT rate in the UK compared to other countries in EU, America, Asia? Has it changed recently – if YES/NO WHY? D
  • Does CGT have different rates in different countries, if so why? A
  • Has CGT increased over time, why? A
  • The trend of CGT in the UK since it was first implemented.

(iii) Effect of tax on economy over time

  • What effect does CGT have on individual and entities’?
  • How does it impact the choices individual’s make before taking up an investment?
  • Has CGT rates being increased/decreased benefited the government?
  • Ways in which this tax was manipulated to promote growth vice versa
  • The effect CGT has on the UK’s global competitiveness

(iv) Changes in tax during world events

  • Financial crash (2008)
  • Europe: WWI, WWII
  • America: Wall street crash, Trump presidency, 9/11
  • Asia: Japan deflating economy
  • UK: BREXIT, different political parties (eg labour v conservatives)

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