Global Health Issue Paper: Health Issue Dіscussіon

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Global Health Issue Paper: Health Issue Dіscussіon

This assignment is part two of the three part paper assignment. After students select a specific issue pertaining to a low-income countrу, theу are required to write about the issue. In this part of the assignment, students should introduce the health issue of the selected country including its significance and relevance to global health. Students should utilize the content covered in the course and conduct additional research to inform about the issue, its impact, systems and social determinants of health that influence its outcomes, its impact on the global disease burden, demographics affected, etc.). This paper should be a maximum of 2 pages. Papers should be thorough, complete, and thoughtful to indicate that you have read, examined, and can apply the concepts in the readings.


Assignment 1, Part 2 Outline
1) Health Issue
a) Brief description of the health issue selected
b) Significance/prevalence of the selected health issue in the country selected

2) Impact


a) Influence of social determinants of health for topic/country
b) Influence of culture for topic/country medical decision making/health care/etc.
c) Influence of the country’s health system & policies on the identified health issue
d) Impact of this issue on global health
e) How the selected issue impacts current and future global health care needs.



HEALTH ISSUES: Clearly describes the selected health issue along with the significance and prevalence in the selected country
IMPACT: Clearly explains the influence of social determinants of health for the topic/country, how culture impacts decision making in healthcare, the impact of the issue on global health
APA SPELLING, ORGANIZATION, AND GRAMMER: Excellent use of APA in formatting and referencing. Excellent spelling and grammar throughout the paper. Excellent organization and easy to read.

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