Family Engagement Plan

Assessment Description

An integral part of supporting ELLs is advocating for their needs and encouraging families to engage in the school community. Not only do teachers and school administrators support students, but the involvement of families in the educational community is an important component of student success.

Imagine you are a part of a team of ESL teachers that has been tasked with detailing a plan to school administrators for how to engage ELL families in your school.

In 750-1,000 words, create a family engagement plan that promotes partnership with ELL families and advocates for their needs. Include the following in your plan:
Summary of the school’s ELL demographics, including language and cultural backgrounds. Discuss pertinent social contextual information, including sociopolitical factors affecting ELLs and their families (e.g., local political and societal attitudes toward ELL families in the community).
Key components of any programs, methods, or technological tools you plan to use to support families of ELLs by keeping them informed and engaged with the school community. Include a justification of how you plan to use the selected programs, methods, or tools, given the school’s ELL demographics and context.
A nine-month calendar outline with possible meetings (e.g., ELL/bilingual parent advisory committee or council meetings), including topics and four schoolwide events (one each quarter) to engage ELL families. Include a description of the activities at each of the four schoolwide events and an explanation of what will need to be done to foster ELL family collaboration and engagement.
Brief summary of at least three resources in your local community that could be offered as resources to ELL families. (Ensure the resources are local to your school context and not national resources.)
Discussion of six collaboration strategies between educators, school personnel, families, and the community to enhance ESL teaching and build partnerships with ELL families. Include at least two strategies that incorporate the use of technology.
Support your plan with a minimum of three scholarly resources.
While APA Style is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected, and documentation of sources should be presented using APA formatting guidelines,