Evaluation & Application of Evidence Instructions: Meaning

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This assignment requires students to demonstrate the ability to:

  1. Demonstrate a working understanding of research principles.
  2. Utilize an appraisal framework to assign a level of strength of evidence to the research report.
  3. Utilize evidence-based tools to critique original research reports.
  4. Explore the validity, results/findings, and applicability of evidence.
  5. Use evidence to inform practice.
  6. Submit scholarly work in APA (6th edition) format.



  • Students will:
    • Students will identify and explain 2 (two) practice scenarios/clinical problems (from his/her own practice) in the Meaning domain and formulate a PICOT question in each of these domains
    • Students will search and identify evidence to answer the 2 (two) PICOT questions
    • Students will choose a research report from the 2 (two) identified in the search (one research report per PICOT question), then

§  Appraise the level of the evidence for each research report using the Grace & Powers pyramid from Grace & Powers (2004) article about appraising qualitative evidence (“Claiming Our Core”)

§  Formally critique each report using critique guidelines from Grace & Powers (2004) “Claiming Our Core”

  • Write a scholarly paper using the appraisal and critique frameworks as guides (versus solely answering framework questions). Students will also specifically report on research findings and their meaning, and describe how the findings could be applied to practice.
  • Specifically identify and study findings and what the findings mean (discuss your answers for the EBP questions)…written in in APA format.

The paper should be no more than 8 pages in length, excluding the title page and references. A PDF of each article you included in your paper must accompany your Blackboard submission.

The assignment should be prepared according to APA style (6th Edition). It should include a title page, be double spaced with appropriate margins, use headings appropriately, and include a reference page as applicable.

The assignment must be uploaded to Blackboard in .doc or .docx format by the designated due date and time. Any assignment not uploaded to BB by the designated time will be penalized per course policy.

Rubric/Grading Criteria: The assignment will be worth a total of 100 points.

Scenarios and PICOTs were briefly summarized 5
Brief introduction of the studies was provided 5
Used and cited appraisal frameworks & critique tools 10
Addressed the primary questions of EBP:

Are the results valid?


Were the study subjects appropriate informants for the experience of interest?


Was information collected accurately from those informants?

What are the results?


Was the information analyzed in a credible way?

How do the results apply to the patient/scenario? 20
Scholarly writing/APA format 10
Provided PDF of each article student evaluated with Blackboard submission 10

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