After reading the article: Jimenez, D., Dittmar, E., & Portillo, J. (2021) New directions in corporate social responsibility and ethics: Codes of conduct in the Digital Environment. Journal of Business Ethics, assigned this week, conduct the following assignment. task in this assignment is to conduct an article reflection in a 3-4 page paper addressing the following:

What is the central theme of the article in regards to how companies foster CSR and ethics in marketing?
What approach did the article recommend companies and preofessionals should adopt when it comes to an ethical code of conduct?
What are the challenges with CSR and ethics, accourdign to the article, when developing marketing strategy?
What do you think, in your opinion, the future holds for CSR in relation to marketing?
This paper should be double spaced, Times New Roman, 12 PT Font, in APA format. A title page and references page is expected, but does not count towards the 3-4 page minimum. A minimum of 3 references are expected.This paper is due at the end of Unit 7