First, introduce yourself to the class. Include your major and anything you would like to share about yourself. Then address the prompt below.

Just as we face ethical dilemmas in everyday life, we encounter similar issues while conducting social research. Conducting research in social sciences can involve personal or professional ethical dilemmas that can be subtle yet extremely damaging if not corrected. Dilemmas can occur when working with research recipients who are from different cultures or speak different languages, or when using inappropriate instruments while conducting research.

A common problem that social science researchers run into is child abuse or neglect that occurs while the researcher is working on a social issue, such as appropriate parenting or the effects of parenting types on children. For example, sometimes social research can involve being in a child’s home, and the researcher may observe something inappropriate occurring but be uncertain if they should report it. Another example could be a researcher who is in the field, such as at a shopping center, and while observing family interactions may observe a parent hitting a child.

In your initial response, indicate what you, as a researcher, would do if you witnessed this. Is it your role as a researcher to get involved? Why or why not?

In your responses to your peers, indicate why you agree or disagree with their responses. What else might your peer want to consider as they decide whether or not to intervene?

Note: Keep in mind that responses are given from the perspective of a researcher, not the individual’s personal response.To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric.