Ethical Dilemma

Watch the Us and Them documentary film (Us and Them First Ten MinutesLinks to an external site. | transcript), which follows the lives of four individuals experiencing homelessness.
Discuss the issues and challenges faced by these four individuals. Consider their struggles with homelessness, mental health, addiction, and other factors that impact their lives.
Assume you are a social worker who is contacting these four people. Identify and describe at least two ethical dilemmas that may arise from their experiences. For example, it could be the tension between the need for housing affordability, the balance between providing support and maintaining professional boundaries as a social worker, or the ethical implications of societal attitudes towards homelessness and addiction.
Analyze each ethical dilemma from the perspective of the NASW Code of Ethics. Consider the ethical principles, values, and standards that apply to the situation.
Briefly discuss how the Us and Them documentary has influenced your understanding of ethical dilemmas related to homelessness and social work practic