Equity and Equality

You should do this assignment to show that you truly understand what effective human relationships are all about and how they affect others in your team, company, community and around the world. Everyone makes a difference in one way or another. You will not find the answer directly in the library database, so you should show critical thinking in discussing what you found and how to apply it.

(Part 1) DUE Wednesday: After studying Chapter 12 and doing research in a minimum of 250 words, be as thorough as you can:

(a) What is equity and how can you apply the concept of equity is not about equality in your life with specific examples?

(b) What is diversity and what are the benefits of diversity in the workplace and your personal life? Please use specific examples.

(c) How can employers use the ideas of chapter 12 to make sure they benefit from the concept of inclusion in order to achieve organizational goals?

(d) What examples have you seen or heard of (or using research) for how companies apply programs of Equity, Diversity, and inclusion?

(e) What was your favorite and largest learning from this class?