Question 150 pts

Explain the results of a research article that focuses on the fundamental attribution error. Show how the study confirmed this effect. ( 50 pts ( Explain the fundamental attribution error (10 pts) / Summarize the article (Hint: do this like the paper article summary assignments) (20 pts) / Explain why this study confirms the fundamental attribution error effect (20 pts)).

Question 250 pts

Discuss the application of equity theory. First explain it, and then pick a domain in which it has been used, and explain how it applies. ( 50 pts ( Explain Equity Theory (25 pts) / Pick a domain in which it has been used and apply it (25 pts)).

Question 350 pts

List and explain the mechanisms of self-enhancement. Pick 1 and explain a situation in which it would be used. ( 50 pts ( Define mechanisms of self-enhancement and explain what they are in your own words (15 pts) / Individually define 5 of them and explain each one in your own words (5 pts each for a total of 25 points) / Explain how 1 of the mechanisms in a situation that it would be used (10 pts)).

Question 450 pts

Previous research on conformity has shown that adolescent alcohol use is profoundly influenced by peers. “The Myth of Conformity” article didn’t come to the same conclusion. What did they find, and why did they find different/ conflicting results from previous research? ( 50 pts ( What did the article find (15 pts) / Why did it find this? What’s the explanation for this phenomenon (15 pts) / Find an article that argues the opposite from this article and contrast them (20 pts)).

Question 5

Question 550 pts

Pick a field in which social psychology can be applied: Law, Business, or Health and Well-being. Explain how social psychology explains 1 area of these applied fields. For example, the Jury Decision-Making in the legal field. ( 50 pts ( Pick and explain a theory/concept of social psychology that would apply to one of the above fields (25 pts) / If you worked in that field how would you specifically apply the theory/concept/principle in your workplace (come up with an example) (25 pts)).