Please the Selected Topic is “ Smoking And Lung Cancer”. Select an observational OR experimental study design. Please I need an Introduction , Conclusion, and Plagiarism free Paper with excellent grammar and articles not older than 5years.

In a 4-page paper, not including title page and references, address the following:

· Briefly identify the population health topic (association between a risk factor and a health outcome) you selected. Present a research question based on this topic that you would like to answer in a proposed study. (Consult the Walden “Developing Research” resource for guidance on crafting a research question.)

· Explain the epidemiologic study design that would be most appropriate to assess and address your population health problem.

· Summarize the data collection activities you would use (i.e., how you would collect data—online survey, paper/pen, mailing, etc.).

· Explain any specific methodologic strategies you would use. For example, if you were conducting a case-control study, how would you select your cases and controls?

· Consider the methods you would use to make these selections. What are the strengths and limitations of your selected approach?

· Explain ethical considerations pertaining to your study