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Purpose of the Assessment


To write a “Senior Management” Report discussing, exploring and evaluating some of the key opportunities, challenges and issues inherent in implementing an “employee-engagement” strategy across several different regions of the world.


Assessment Task


Imagine that you are promoted to be the head of the HR Division of an organisation with subsidiaries in China, India and Germany. You can relate this to a previous employer if this “fits”?


You have been tasked with producing an internal report to the Senior Management Team, in which they have asked that you to discuss an “employee engagement” strategy.

The Management Team wants to make sure that teamwork, motivation, engagement and work performance is effective and functioning to a high level across all of these locations.


In your report you need to clearly identify the opportunities such a strategy offers the company but (more importantly) you also need to identify and evaluate the different issues, problems and challenges which you would associate with implementing this type of working across these different cultures and also within these different countries. Please provide related context information as you see fit.


You should examine and address any relevant issues around leading and managing people in these countries. If you can see clear preferences for certain communication styles, are those associated with cultural patterns (of all underlying cultures) and if so, do those advance or hinder the development of good co-operation within these dispersed cross-cultural teams? How do you envision communication taking place and what issues might you associate with these communication processes?


In essence, “what would you summarise as the commonalities which can be introduced right across these different cultures when developing and implementing the “employee-engagement” strategy and what would need to be tailored for any specific country?” (China, India or Germany)


You need to make practical, specific and relevant recommendations that you consider would help future co-operation and employee-engagement.


You are required to critically evaluate and academically substantiate your proposed considerations and recommendations.






Assessment Breakdown


Your work will be assessed against the generic Level 7 criteria and on the following assessment criteria:


  • The extent of wider reading on the topic, with relevant and contemporary references, research, examples and discussion.


  • The depth and breadth of critical evaluation and critical thinking and reflection


  • The quality of academic discussion and application to the content.


  • The formation of clear conclusions and the depth and relevance of suggested recommendations.


  • Visual presentation and the use of a correct referencing format.

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