Effective Leadership in Business

In this assignment, you will create a final business report that you will write in your role as a business consultant. This report will be compiled from your previous assignments with the addition of new material. In this report, you will inform the CEO of potential business problems and effective organizational leadership models, theories, and frameworks that put the problems into perspective. You will explain best practices for the creation of a business plan, discuss three business problem statements, develop fishbone diagrams showing the root cause of the problem statements, and review authoritative models and theories within scholarly and practitioner literature that can be used to further understand the problems. You will also propose a potential Riipen project; develop a mind map; and assess the credibility, relevance, and applicability of models and theories for leadership, marketing, or information management concepts presented in the course.
Your audience for this business report is the CEO for the organization, who will be using your report to implement changes to the organization that foster effective organizational leadership as the company prepares to enter a new market.
You will be expected to revise and add to your previously submitted work based on any feedback you received to create a doctoral-level paper. You must show revisions to your previous assignments using Track Changes. To do this,
• Before you have turned on Track Changes, combine your previous work into one document (COMBINE DOCUMENT EFF LD ASSIGN 1 WITH EFF LD ASSIGN 2).
• Turn on Track Changes and revise your work based on instructor feedback you received in your earlier assignments. (FEEBACK IS LABELED “INSTRUCTOR FEEDBACK FROM PREVIOUS ASSIGNMENTS)
• Turn Track Changes off and continue writing the new material for this assignment.

Part 1: Business Report
Write a 10-page business report in which you complete the following:
• Write a one-page executive summary that summarizes the 10-page business report.
• Describe best practices for creation of a business plan that aligns to organizational goals, with the inclusion of a business planning model and an illustration of that model.
• Make any revisions to the three business problem statements you developed in the previous assignments stating the specific problem for each of the following three areas: management, information systems, and marketing. State, “The specific problem is…”.
• For each of the three problem statements, include an illustration that shows how the problem was narrowed down using a fishbone diagram (Ishikawa diagram) or a cause-and-effect diagram, where you identified the problem, worked out the major factors involved, identified possible causes, and analyzed your diagram to determine the focus of your problem statement.
• For each problem you developed, identify and discuss authoritative models and theories within scholarly and practitioner literature that can be used to further understand the problem.
• For each problem identify an applied framework (which can be based on a theoretical, conceptual, process, or developmental framework) and explain how the framework relates to the problem.
• Select one of your problems and propose a potential Riipen project that is related to your problem statement and can be completed by a learner. Be sure to detail the scope of the potential project.
• Using some of the common elements found in the models, theories, and frameworks, construct a mind map to illustrate logical relationships among frameworks for leadership, marketing management, and information systems. Give a detailed explanation of the mind map.
• Based on three scholarly articles, summarize authoritative models and theories and assess their credibility, relevance, and applicability for leadership, marketing, or information management concepts presented in the course.
• In addition, create an appendix with a brief (1–2 paragraphs) reflection on the writing feedback you received and how you applied it. Reflect on the nature of the constructive feedback you received, and explain how you will improve the quality of your doctoral work.

Your report should include the following headings and subheadings:
• Executive Summary.
• Leadership Business Problem.
• Information Systems Business Problem.
• Marketing Business Problem.
• Potential Riipen Project.
• Mind Map.
• Authoritative Models and Theories.
• Summary.
• Appendix: Reflection on Feedback