Early Childhood Education

The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate your knowledge of mental and emotional wellness and how to support these skills in children as an early childhood educator.

Pretend the local news is doing a story to determine how mental and emotional health contributes to child wellness. They have asked to interview you for your expertise on the topic.

The news correspondent will ask you the following questions:

How does mental and emotional health contribute to children’s wellness? (Provide 3 or more details from the content of the lesson to support your position)

How would you know if your child’s mental and emotional states are healthy? (Include 5 signs of healthy or unhealthy development)

How can you support children’s mental and emotional health? (Include three specific strategies)

The assignment must answer each question in detail using supporting content/examples from the lesson.

Review the Lesson 6 Critical Thinking rubric(opens in a new tab) prior to submitting this assignment.


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