E- Assignment Paper

Hashtag power point -8-12 slides of a particular hashtag that is being used as a tool for building digital community.
PowerPoint  choose a trending hashtag via an online platform of your choice

– I choose #standwithukraine and #freeukraine
-Please include lots of photos, posts, graphs data  of particular Twitter. The  tweets, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram posts of  trending hashtag  must contain explanation from the textbook reference that’s relevant to trending hashtag.  When needed particular hashtag  info can be found on Ch1- (1-46), ch1-3 (47-52) and ch1-7 (47-90) in text citation
-This is the textbook https://gateway.pinata.cloud/ipfs/bafykbzacebsred5oms23p6pqrgvabdrsz7v75my6rogn5mq4iulivgkfkstti?filename=%28Postmillennial%20pop%29%20Henry%20Jenkins%2C%20Sam%20Ford%2C%20Joshua%20Green%20-%20Spreadable%20media%20_%20creating%20value%20and%20meaning%20in%20a%20networked%20culture-New%20York%20University%20Press%20%282013%29.pdf
What to do on l
1.Presentation should demonstrate how the hashtag is being used as a tool for awareness, community and spreadability by a social groups and/or non-profit organizations. -use posts pictures and textbook
2. In the  presentation, ensure you cover the following: An explanation of its origin of trending hashtag(if possible).
3. Discussion of its popularity and use-value (i.e., clarify particular sites, demographics, trending info, etc.).
4. Discussion of its relationship to key terms in the textbook (i.e., participatory media, viral media, etc to be found on textbook. -please Use  textbook ch1-3,or 1,7 to explain the  tweets, YouTube TikTok,and Instagram posts you have used
5. Discussion of media coverage as well as reactions/discussions of this hashtag.
• Examples of how it is being used positively and negatively through online
platforms.- Like what are the negative and positive issues on trending hashtag – please use photos on posts and textbook
6. Is the trending hashtag discussed by others  Include snapshots of google search – don’t have to research just post tweets, Instagram, YouTube blogs and news article posts. 
7. Does the hashtag raise awareness has it created changes in society use posts and textbook if needed
8. Why is the Trending hashtag a world issue systematic issue, how are activist involved
9. Is the trending hashtag spreadable -use textbook and post pictures

10. End the presentation with a critical evaluation (1-2 slides) clarifying its effectiveness as a form of digital engagement.
This must include -What has led to it being effective successful. What does it promote and encourage -please use posts and textbook of trending hashtag
Conclusion  must also include what have I learned about the trending hashtag. How does trending hashtag impact digital communities and new media  -use textbook, and posts

Reference instruction
Others scholarly websites used must be referenced on the last page or in text citation when needed  for the PowerPoint no plagiarism
Info on Twitter,Instagram, (news article snapshot), Facebook Can be connected to textbook references and any other scholarly websites used
.  -Citation of the posts in Twitter,Instagram, (news article snapshot), and Facebook. Can be connected to textbook references and any other scholarly websites
Again -All info found must be referenced on the last page or in text citation.

-What not to do
Avoid grammar mistakes
No using ai, or chartgbt 
Avoid  plagiarizing, please use app to detect it
when paraphrasing citation give credit to owner make the paraphrased words your own.