Discussion Assignment Instructions

The Discussion questions are based upon a different case study each module and analyze the case scenario/research through a series of questions. The overall structure of each case is similar in that each case begins with an abstract followed by a description of the scenario/research and concludes with a discussion about the situation. The discussion is simply a series of unique questions about each case scenario that you will answer as part of the discussion.

Part 1: Thread

The primary goal of the thread is to thoroughly answer each of the case study questions. Some answers may require a paragraph-style response, whereas others will be best answered with a table or bulleted points. Use the response style that is most appropriate to answer the individual question while ensuring the following are met:

· Each thread will consist of 800 – 1000 words that answer all the assigned case study questions

· include 1 biblical application/integration (no more than 10% of the total response) and across all the questions use at least 5 different peer reviewed sources.

· Each case has multiple questions and each question response must be supported with at least 1 peer-reviewed source.

· Use proper grammar and current APA format

From the State Farm: Dangerous Intersections case, answer the following questions:

1. Identify the various constructs and concepts involved in the study.

2. What hypothesis might drive the research of one of the cities on the top 10 dangerous intersection list?

3. Evaluate the methodology for State Farm’s research.

4. If you were State Farm, how would you address the concerns of transportation engineers?

5. If you were State Farm, would you use traffic volume counts as part of the 2003 study? What concerns, other than those expressed by Nepomuceno, do you have?